Why is Nobody asking for this 

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

"What do you want?"

- Perhaps the most important question

you could ever ask to yourself

And the first question you should ask yo yourself

If your intention is to live the greatest life,

that you have dreamed for yourself.


isn't it amazing that virtually no one is asking this!

Why isn't anyone asking this?

It's not surprising to know that no one is living the life they want, when you know that almost no one knows what they want?

If you don't know where you are going than you won't get there...

If you never know it, you will never grow into it...

If you have never thought the life that you want to

have or, the person that you want to become...

How on earth do you expect to even get to that place in the future?

No one knows what they want, so it is not surprising that no one is living the live they want.




What do you want?

Write it down.




Every thing that you want in your life,

Be very specific.

Write in details

Close your eyes and dream of exactly how your life would be, if you had in it everything you want.




What would your health be like?

Your fitness?

Your physical strength?

What would your relationships be like?

Friends? Family?

Your partner?

What would you be doing?

Your Passion? Your service to the world?

How would you be feeling?

When there would be more joy, more laughter in your life?

When there would be more peace?

More hugs? More love?

Would there be more adventures?

More travel?

Would you be spending more time with your family?

How much would you be earning?

What would you do to earn that money?

Or, would you even love what you are doing?

What would that be that you are doing everyday ?

And what would that be that makes you proud doing it?




That you have to ask to yourself!

"What you must do to get to the top of the staircase, to that life?"

Because it is yours for the climbing...

It will require an insane amount of work and dedication ofcourse...

But if you are truly passionate about that list.

It won't be work,

it will be driven...

It will be your mission

It will be your purpose

And nothing can stop a man who is on his mission!


Write it all out...

Your dream life!

Exactly what you must have in it!

It is very important that you write it out...

Not just thinking.

Then review that piece everyday!!!

Let it soke into your subconscious


Break down to what you have to do to live that life?

What steps must you take to get to top of that staircase that is your dream life?

Take those steps to make it to reality...

Claim it!








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