Why is it important to know your WHY?

when you wake up every morning,

What drives you?

If you want to live a life of success,

Complete success,

Happiness and fulfillment, then,




You must find your purpose

You see if you don't know, what your purpose is?

Or, What drives you ?

Or, what inspires you ?


You can't improve your life!

Because you have no reason to do so!

Is it not simple?




How can you improve your life if you have no reason to improve?




Why do you do what you do?


What's the damn reason?

Why do you exist?

Do you know what it takes to be great!!!

Are you willing to go that extra mile?

I have told you time and time again


You will get tired...

You will want to give up...

You will want to QUIT!


If you have that WHY?

It will give you that strength for the extra mile,

For that extra hour you need!

For the extra hustle!

Because what makes you different from the others if you are trying to do what everyone is doing...

And in the same way

With the same efforts, as they are doing!

What creates that difference between you and others?


Your why creates a difference!

Find your WHY...

Your WHY will get you up when you feel like you don't have to get up anymore

Your WHY will help you keep fighting when everyone else loses their hope in you


Who are you fighting for?

What drives you?

What keeps you working late at night, and WHY it keeps you awake

You are hustling at 2:00 AM when everyone else is sleeping...having a nice time at bed

But you,

You are grinding and working hard!


What is your purpose?

Write it down...

Is it to prove the doctors wrong

Is it to prove your parents and relatives wrong

Is it to prove you colleagues and friends wrong

Or, is it to prove yourself RIGHT?

And promise it to yourself that you will live with your purpose everyday...

Every time!

No matter, how did the day start?

No Matter if you had to go through a heartbreak!

Or, if you had a fight with your parents

Or, had a fight with your friends...

You are going to live your live with the purpose!

With your WHY besides you!




Somebody is waiting for you to mess up

Somebody is waiting for you to give up

Somebody is waiting for you to fall...

But what is it, that keeps you grinding and make the hustle...

Your WHY !!!

Yes, the answer is your WHY or the purpose

keeps you waking up at 5 am every morning

And, keeps you late at night...




Don't look back...

Just remember where you came from?

And, let the drive push you...

Let that WHY push you...

It's not always going to be an easy road

And, when you will meet success...

You won't take it for granted,


You will cherish those moments you have to go through!




You need to find something that drives you

Something that, "no matter what happens this part of me doesn't change, this drive in me doesn't change, this purpose never dies..."

"No Matter how many times life knocks me down, this is the thing, this purpose will push me up every time..."

"This is the reason i will fight for my dreams, this is the reason i will not take NO for an answer"

When it hurts, keep going




Those clowdy days, those storms can't knock you down...

If you have the WHY with you!

Those times in your life, you can't change

Somethings you can't change in your life,

Somethings, you have to live with...

You have the one thing though, to make choices !

Make the right choice...

Your purpose is the one thing that lights you up!

That one thing that will get you up early

That one thing, that you are doing it and time stops...

Your purpose maybe something you don't want...

You don't want to be financially broke again!

No Matter what, I will ensure that I never end up like that again...

Your purpose or WHY maybe something you desperately want!

You want to give those luxuries to your family,

To your parents, Who never got those luxuries and privileges, cause they were busy working day and night for you!




Your purpose is always something that lights a fire in you...

To get, what you want from your life, your purpose needs to be greater than the reality you dreamed of!

Find your WHY and keep it with you, Until the dreams turn into reality!




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