Top 6 Self Development goals you can't afford to miss this year! - Here's why it's scary.

Hey readers,

So, I have always been about self developments and personal growth, then and forever, and I believe that everyone should have this quality instilled in them. It doesn't matter if you lack the talents and skills that others have until you dare to at least learn them.

Today, I will be sharing with you the Top 6 Self Development goals that you must not ignore this year!

1. Read one book per month

At every start of the month pick just one book that you would like to read. Just one book that stands out in your head, with its catchy title or the book that you would like to explore or whatever the maybe reason. Pick only one book and read.

This one goal will always bring you 10x results because this one goal will help you achieve other goals in your life forever. At the end of every month, you will have a new mindset with a couple of better strategies and philosophies about life and success, every time.

2. Lessen screen time

It is the least accepted but well-known fact that in 2020 we have been a slave of social media. It is no more 'social media for us'. Every human being stares at the screen all day long. It is purely unhealthy. Try to limit your screen time by doing something else with your evenings, which don’t involve staring at a screen.

Tip: Put your notifications off on every app.

3. Stop Snoozing

Trust me 'Snooze button' is the worst invention of all time. It has all promoted the habit of laziness in humans. Whenever the alarm rings make sure you are out of your bed. Do anything but just don't stay on bed and get up.

I have been a serious victim of Snoozing! and for a long time. Every morning the alarm would ring and strike my ears but my lazy ass never woke up. Yes, I would snooze every time. The worst part is when snoozing becomes a habit. Slowly I was able to overcome my habit of snoozing which brings us to the next point.

Laziness reminds me of procrastination.

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4. Morning routine

One of the most essential self-development goals which have brought a positive change in many people including me. Top health experts and self-development biggies have embraced the power of having a morning routine in their lives. They recommend it and have seen the results.

Remember, some might misunderstand this goal as to 'wake up early'. No that's not true. Let me tell you a secret, 'it has nothing to do with when do you wake up, but how do you wake up'. It doesn't matter at what time does one wakes up but rather how does one wake up?

That's why it is yet again an essential self-development goal you must not be ignored this year rather trying to write it down and achieve it.

Oh... did we just talk about writing?

5. Journal everyday

No, I am not talking about 'to-do' lists. Journaling every day means writing the key points that you did or achieve on a particular day. This one goal is up to you, whether you like it or not. I haven't tried it but some of my friends have and they found it relaxing.

I believe that we would all be surprised by how many thoughts we have at the end of each day.

6. Walk daily

All this time we have discussed various self-development goals that keep you mentally fit, this one is to keep you fit physically. Walking is the most underestimated exercise. Most of the population now have a job where people sit in front of a computer and work, and that's it! they don't have anything else as work in their jobs.

This can make you less volatile and may shower you with various diseases in the future. So to maintain your flexibility and movement as a human try to walk, jog or run or do any form of exercise regularly.

Bonus goal:

7. Try to make new friends

This one goal may not be effective for everyone but this self-development goal is the most underrated one. Always try to make new friends and build old relationships with people around you well and healthy. By being kind to them when needed and showing love.

Now basically why I do this is not because I am the kindest human alive but because I have to make networks. If someone is interested in business and marketing where you have to talk to many people, share ideas and concepts, it is dead important to build a network and make friends with everyone.

"Don't fall into the fallacy of making your circle small rather make it as big as possible but with trust and companionship."

Therefore, one of your self-development goals should be to make new friends and expand your network.

Having clearly defined personal development goals can improve your performance in any area of your life, yet the benefit depends on the effort you put forth to achieve those goals.

Tell me about some self-development goals which you’ve set for yourself.



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