And, you thought Stopping Procrastination is hard!

Updated: Jan 12

"Life is a competition with yourself, not others"

and that is the thought for today.

How often have you started a new habit and then you quit after several days?

If you were something like me in the past, then the answer is something like




"all the time!"

Forming a new habit is hard and I don't have to tell you that.

We all know how difficult it is to live a prosperous and healthy life.

If it were easy everybody would do it.

We also know that our chance of succeeding is much higher

if we start small...


It's common sense

Don't take on to much in the beginning

else, you would have more reasons to give up.

So goes the advice,

which is solid...

I'm not going to argue with that...


far too few people actually start small.

In fact, I see a lot of people starting Big than starting small.

Why is that?

I think we can get too excited about making a change or doing new things.

When we dream about making a change in our lives and start believing in it,

the excitement usually takes over...

that's why we end up doing too much, too soon.

To be clear...

I don't think excitement is bad before doing anything new...

it's great to be fired up before achieving something in your life

or if you want to remind yourself that you want to stay fired up...

because when things get hard, we can lose that fire

ultimately failing to achieve what we started for...


When you start to form a new habit

whether it be writing,

working out,


eating healthy

or learning a new skill



that, it should not feel you like a challenge

the activity should be easy

and if that's not the case

we all procrastinate...

Yes, even the most self-disciplined do that!

If you start something new,

it's not about the results...

When I started writing every day

I could not care less about how many words I wrote...

or, when I started doing exercise

I would not care, what type of exercise I did?

I just wanted to make sure that, "I did it!"

ride for 5 mins...

"Great, I did it!"




walking for 20 mins...

"Great, I did it!"




read a book for 2 mins...

"Great, you did it!"

I have no idea why did i paste this picture in here??? just a random pic...

James Clear the author of 'Atomic Habits'

a book, which is about changing your life by developing small habits...

writes about this idea in his book...

I like how he removes all barriers before forming a new habit

he writes...

a new habit should not feel like a challenge

the actions followed later can be challenging but the first 2 minutes should be easy

What you want is a gateway habit that leads you through a more productive path...


the actions itself won't be easy

but as James says,

the first two minutes should be easy

and, what you will find is that you can scale down nearly any habit or activity into a two-minute version...

want to read every day...

read one page

want to meditate...

sit in a meditation position

want to study for the exam...

open your book

I like this strategy 'cause it nearly makes it impossible to procrastinate.

When I look back at all the times I procrastinated

it was always related to getting overwhelmed...

When you haven't even started something, the end results seems a million mile away...


That's how you end up sayin', "Screw this!"

So instead of focusing on the big outcome, focus on the small start

of what you want to achieve in your life...

and what habits would make that happen...

for example,

if you want to be a CEO

most leaders are readers so you might want to start a daily reading habit...

then scale down the habit you need to succeed,

into a two-minute activity

The goal is not only to start, but it's also to keep going

Nobody wants to read one page a day for the rest of their lives...

to me, this strategy is all about getting used to doing something...

Look changing your lifestyle is not an easy thing

let's say you have been living in a certain way

for thirty years of your life...

What do you expect?

You gonna change it overnight!




"Hell, no way!"

You and I both know that it takes time...

So we should change our perspective accordingly...

Your first priority should always be to form habit

Something you do regularly...

and remember,

habits are not about results...

Nobody cares about,

how many pages you read?

or, how hard you have been working out?

or, how long you haven't smoked a cigarette?

You should only care about what you did today?

and don't focus on the matrix...


Life is a competition...

and to be honest, yeah! it is...

But, it's a fookin' competition with yourself and not others!

and as far as procrastination is concerned...

it's the pain of discipline Vs the pain of regret

So next time when you procrastinate,

step 1: take a deep breath in

step 2: stay calm and breath out

step 3: repeat the above quote on your mind

step 4:




The choice is fookin' yours...!

Which pain do you choose?

Thank you!

Tell me how did you feel reading it.

Be Inspired




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