How to stay calm under stressful situations 

The ability to stay calm under difficult situations is a massive indicator of success.

If your life is full of chaos and turmoils but still If you can keep calm and take decisions... Guess what? You are going to have the One Fulfilling Life that most of the people could only dream about! Hola! Here are five ways which would help you to stay calm under difficult situations.

#1. Presuppose the Positive

Now what do i mean by that?

Well, our brain, consciously or subconsciously keeps asking us the questions that are negatively oriented!

For example, "Why can't I do this?"

Or, "Why am I so stressed?"

Or, "Why am I so terrible?"

Or, "Why do I procrastinate so much?"

You see.

Don't worry

Well thsi is the case with almost every person on the planet

Every questions that we answer has a negative vibe in it...


This thing eventually grows over time

People starts to feel negative and unmotivated in life...

They start doubting themselves as well as their abilities!

Creating a mess with their lives and making it terrible for them and people around them!


They become financially and mentally broke sometimes

Sounds depressing?

Yes it's disappointing!

So instead

Start asking yourself questions that have positive orientation in it

Like, "How can I most easily get this done?"

Did you see the difference?


It seems a complete new thing.

#2. Deep Breathe

We are never conscious about how we Breathe? Often when we are stressed We breathe very shallow! Do me a favor right now? Wherever you are just take down a few seconds! And, take a deep Breathe... . . . Breathe in . . . Breathe out . . . Do it for a few seconds more! Focus on your breathing You must feel something... Yeah, It's relaxing! So whenever you are shallowly breathing... It's not serving you anywhere It is making you more stressed So whenever you get into a troublesome situation... Just take a deep breathe and get relaxed And then think of the problem...

#3. Sleep

Now you might need a better sleep to perform better We are most likely to stay calm even in the most difficult situations if we care enough about our body and give it a proper sleep... And as far as sleep is considered... It's not about number of hours you spend sleeping but it's more about waking up relaxed And, having, so called, a Sound Sleep So that you wake with more energy and enthusiasm Only thing you must care about is that, You should sleep so less that you wake up drowsy and not sleep so much that you wake up being lazy! Know your body clock Everyone has a different biological cycle And, get a sound sleep accordingly!

#4. Limit Caffeine

If you are someone who is high stressed or lives in a stressful environment... The last thing you need is a substance that triggers your inner side to activate a fight or flight response Which naturally... Guess what? Makes you more stressed! Therefore alot of successful people limit the amount of caffeine intake... Which means they limit Coffee or tea or any other form of drinks that contains caffeine! Limit it if you are someone who is prone to high stressful situations!

#5. Be Grateful

When sometimes our life is hectic and full of chaos we don't take enough time to stop and reflect! And we don't realize that what are we grateful for today? Stop here! And just think of what is it today that you are grateful for? . . . If you can't think of it! Just be grateful for the fact that you are here! We are talking about 7 billion people and you just showed up here! The question is why do you want be so battling? We all have our struggles... We all have our hectic and busy schedule... Most of us live in the way that we just hate... But still there's a reason why you are truly here? And realize that this is all part of the game... There is a great saying that,

Strongest trees don't grow in the best soil, they grow in the strongest winds!

Wherever winds come in your life...


That it is there to serve you

To make you stronger

And be grateful that you are lucky enough to experience those winds!

Be grateful for the fact that you are even living!




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     Created by Anonymous

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