He was rejected but then this happened!

This man spent most of his childhood bouncing between homes in California and New Zealand

He was always the mediator for his parents as a child

Trying to stop them from fighting and arguing,

but it didn't always work.

His family suffered multiple financial issues and hit rock bottom.

They were living in an efficiency that cost $120.00 a week.

He started to focus on what he could control, his body.

He started to play football.

It wasn't easy in the beginning but as he focused and worked harder

and things got better on the field,

things also got better off the field.

After a good high school career, he accepted a scholarship

to play football at the University of Miami

under coach Dennis Erickson.

During this time he started to get injury after an injury, after an injury.

And after his years at the University of Miami

He was put into the NFL draft and wasn't picked at all.

So, in 1995 he decided he'd join the Calgary Stampede

in Canada's football team as a backup linebacker

but was cut 2 months into the season.

He said, the dreams I had, they're dashed...

My relationship was crushed...

that was my absolute worst time.

Sortly, after the coach asked for him back

he decided that he would not go back




and told his father that he wanted to get into wrestling.

His father told him, You're throwing it all away.

It is the worst mistake you will ever make.

You're ruining your career.

But he convinced his dad to train him in wrestling anyway.

And then, in one of the biggest championships of WWE

he came into the ring and 20,000 people were chanting that he SUCKS!

It was so hard for him to wrestle

because he felt like he couldn't be himself

That people didn't understand him.

Then later that year he tore his tendon

and had to stop wrestling for the rest of the summer.

When he was about to come back, the executive of the WWE

called him and said,

when you come back we can continue to shove you down

people's throats or we can turn your heel because they want

to boo you anyways...

He agreed to come back and asked for 2 minutes with the audience on live T.V.

When he came back he addressed the audience and said this,

I may be a lot of things, but sucks isn't one of them.

After this he became of of the largest wrestlers in the industry

and won all of the championships.

Until one day he realized he'd done everything in the WWE he wanted

and decided to move into something else.

And he chose to take up acting.

In 2015 The Rock once again earned the distinction

of being the top grossing actor in all of Hollywood

based off the strength of his work in San Adreas and Fast and Furious 7.

When this happened on Instagram he said, The only way to start this post is with thank you.

And he went onto say it's an important reminder that

regardless of what we achieve in life we have to keep striving for more...

Staying hungrier than the rest...

and being grateful around every corner...!

Thank you!

Tell me if you liked it and,

You know what really exited me throughout the story...

that smile on the face of Dwayne The Rock Johnson, which was present on his face throughout the journey...

regardless of his hardships and pain..

you came all the way reading and if you are on your struggle time

I just want to say you keep going, man...

if it was easy, everyone would do it...




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