One Technique Celebrities Use to Reach Their Full Potential

"You become what you think about!"

and that is the thought for today.

One of the biggest reasons why people don't reach their full potential

is because they end up living insane...

they best way to think about this is...

imagine that there is God's hand

and you are at the center of his palm...

and he is lifting you up every time you obey him

in fact, as long you keep obeying him

he is gonna take you as far and high as he wants you to go

which is an enormous blessing...

slowly, gradually...

Now, what happens next?

Until and unless you stay at the middle of his palm

It doesn't matter how high he lifts you up???

You ain't gonna fall...





The moment you start to disobey him

You get away from the center

to the side of his palm...

You get off the track and fall off...

that's called Sin

and he can pick you back up

and lift you back up...

But if you don't continue to pass this test

and continue to fall off by sinning


you gonna fall down

and a lot of times, people hit rock-bottom




What you have to realize is that you have complete control of where your destiny is heading?

You have to listen to the voice of God

you have to reject evil

and you have to become righteous...

So you have to know exactly, what you need to do next?

So that you could utilize all your powers, all your talents, all your time,

your money,

your energy...

to use them at the highest level

and once you began to do that

you will break free...

you will reach your full potential

and you will discover exactly who you are!

Let me give you an example,

let's say Alex wants to start a new business

and he knows exactly, what he wants to do?

and what he needs to do to get there?

But he ends up committing all these sins...

ends up doing all these things that oppose his

highest potential

He ends up with watching pornography,

ends up drinking with his friends on weekends,

ends up fooling around with different women...

He ends up losing all his passion for his business in this process!

So what am I trying to say you through this?




nearly every time we are aware of what exactly we need to do


we don't do it!

The moment you stop listening to the voice of truth and start listening to the voice of lies...

that's where we all get stuck!

we get confused and start losing the sight of who we really are...

You know I read this quote the other day...

That "Stupid is knowing and seeing the truth but believing in the lies"

See it's not about you are not reaching your highest potential


that's definitely not the case...

it's just that you are not trying to reach there!

You have look listen to the voice inside

some call it the voice of God

You know I receive a lot of emails and I hear it often from my friends and mates...

that "Priyansh, I really believe I can be doing more in life but I feel like there is something stopping me"

or, "Something is not going right"

or, "Something is holding me back"

my answer to them is

"You, I and the famous celebrities and successful entrepreneurs, know what exactly we need to do to reach our goals,

the only difference is that they do it and we...

we choose to do it later or maybe never!"

It is not that you ain't reaching your highest potential

or if there is something stopping you to reach

but more important is whether you are listening to that inner voice of yours which tells you the most painful truths about yourself...

and pisses you off every time!

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     Created by Anonymous

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