Does Hardwork really beats talent?

Updated: Apr 5

If you think luck is involved in success,

You will never make it.

You will never be successful with those beliefs.

If you think luck is involved in success,

I want you to take in this fact...

Eighty-six percent of millionaires are self-made!

That means that...

86 percent of all millionaires made their money on their own

They all sacrificed, they all worked

They were all persistent, they are all creative.

They were not given handouts by mom and dad,

They were not born into will

They didn't get lucky

They came from poor families and still made their way to success

They refuse to set their families

limitations as their own.

So they set new standards for themselves

You see,

Luck has nothing to do with success, luck has nothing to do with genes




You create your luck by them work you put in

As they say, "The harder you work the luckier you get"





As Stephen King said, "Talent is cheaper than table salt"

What separates the talented individual from a successful one, is a lot of hardwork!

Genes have nothing to do with it!

It is all about mindset and application

In other words,

What did you believe is possible?

And what you are prepared to do to make uour dreams your reality?

Are you prepared?

Are you prepared to suffer for your dream?

Are you willing to sacrifice for your dream?

If you don't believe it's possible then you won't even attempt!

And then you will cry saying it is impossible

And then when you do fail, from the lack of belief,

And the lack of effort

Your limiting beliefs would be real forces for the fact that you failed

If you aren't prepared to do to work

If you aren't ready to stick to that, you fail.

And you wouldn't rich any higher

Until you believe!

What are you prepared to do?




Both of these factors, you can build in overtime...

1.Do the applications

2.Do form new habits

If you consistently apply to yourself, you will notice better results...

And when you get better results, you will strengthen your belief about what is possible for you!

If you continue to grow and compound


These new habits and greater abilities you possess to your own application involved will lead to greater belief and indeed greater results.

There is no limit to how much you can grow

And, how much you can achieve

The only limits that exist are in your own mind.

So develop that mind and work on yourself,

By taking actions

What are you prepared to do?




Are you willing to suffer for your dreams?

Are you willing to sacrifice?

For your dream...

We all know someone very smart but middle in wage,

We all know people who never fulfil their potential despite giving great grades

But, we all know many people who failed in school but created amazing rise in success and achieved wealth and happiness...

What could the secret be?






Those who are willing to find a way to win will

Find the way to learn,

Find the best path,

Find a way to outwork

How hungry are you gor success?




I'm Starving!




How hungry are you?




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     Created by Anonymous

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