This is what Elon Musk thinks about Challenges?

Updated: Apr 5

I believe that there is huge difference between,

How successful people think and how unsuccessful people think!

This one difference in thinking keeps

the rest ninety-nine percent of people

stuck in a life of failure and mediocrity...

You see thousands and thousands

of years of history has shown us that

Successful people don't really share

any common background, race

or any talent

or any particular religion

or anything like that...

They don't share any particular demographic...

It's all about how they think!

And there thinking dictates their actions

Which dictates their results...


What is this big difference in thinking?




The big difference is how they approach any Challenge?

Unsuccessful people think that,

I don't know how to do this so I'm not trying it,

I'm not going to attempt it,

I'm not going to go after it...

Unsuccessful people stay stuck in their comfort zone...

They are limited by past,

What they have been able to accomplish,

What have been their achievements and medals,


Stay happy with their limited mindset...

And that allows them to say

I don't want to accept this challenge,

Or, I am not going to try it,

Or, I don't think it will work for me...

So they say to themselves,

"I don't know how to make this happen and I'm out of this..."

On the other hand,

Successful people say,

"I want to do that thing and if I don't know about

I will figure it out...

And if this has to be done by myself,

Then it will be done..."

Successful people know that,

It's never the lack of resources that will stop you

But it's the lack of resourcefulness that holds you back from achieving what you want...

They that if they don't have the proper resources,

Then it's completely okay...

What they care about is,

how can they be resourceful enough to get that elite resources they need?

This is eventually the difference between,

The growth mindset Vs the fixed mindset...

When I was reading the biography of Elon Musk I came across a very interesting story...

Right after he sold PayPal and made over 250 million dollars...

He decided that he wanted to build a rocket company...

He wanted to build it because he wanted to colonize Mars...

He didn't really know how to build rockets

So instead of stopping himself by saying...

"Oh, I don't know how to build rockets?

How am I going to make this happen?

Will this even last?

Or, will I lose all my money?..."

Instead of this,

He decided to figure this out by reading books on that topic...

Literally, he did it by reading!

So one day when all his friends were at the pool

Celebrating the sale of PayPal...

And all the money they had made from the sale...

He was sitting on the side of the pool reading books on how to build rockets?


You read that right...

A man, who just made a 250 million dollars

from his sale was not considered about the pool party...

But was thinking about What's Next?

All the friends were trying to dissuade him from building a rocket company...

They thought that he had gone crazy

They said this is what governments are supposed to do...

And this is not what the private enterprises do?

They were convinced that Elon was going to waste all his money on this crazy idea!

And, they were stopping him from making a rocket company...


Elon was committed to figure this out...

And he didn't stop himself as he didn't have any government backing and didn't know how to build rockets...!

You see

Elon Musk is the epitome of someone who has a growth mindset

He said to himself

I can figure this out

We can figure this out

Let's go do it!

As you know today...

His company SpaceX is widely successful

And they have been able to launch rockets into space...

There's another story that comes to mind...

The story of a little girl...

And this time it is from the book Mindset by Dr. Carol Dweck

This little girl was born prematurely

She was the 20th child in a family of twenty-two children

And she nearly died at the age of four because she had pneumonia and scarlet fever

And after that

She was stricken with polio...

Which left her left leg mostly paralyzed

And the doctor gave no chance

of ever using her left leg again

So they put her left leg in a brace


This little girl was not going to be stopped...

She was obsessed with the idea of running

And at the age of nine, she removed her braces from her left leg...

All by herself

Against the advice of the doctors

She went to physical therapy

until when she was twelve...

And even while the doctors were on

The opinion that she could not walk without braces...

She entered her first race without braces at the age of twelve!

And at the age of sixteen, she entered the Olympics in a 200-meter dash but she lost...

And then again in the 1960 Rome Olympics

at the age of twenty...

This time she won three gold medals

100 meters dash

200 meters dash

400 meters relay...

Rudolph wins the women's 100 meter dash at the 1960 Summer Olympics in Rome.


She was hailed as the fastest woman on earth...

Her name is Wilma Rudolph




How is that possible?

I know you are thinking this all this time...

The answer is

Growth Mindset!

She believed she could figure it out...

There are a lot of examples of people with a growth mindset...

On, how did they made possibilities from impossibility?




So the question then is what must you do?

Well, develop a Growth Mindset...

Whatever you might be stuck in?

Or, whichever resources are stopping you and holding you back from achieving it?

Just try to figure it out...

Before giving up with excuses...

If you think you don't have the right resources

Or, if you feel you don't have the required skills

Or, if you think you are stuck in the middle of nowhere...

Just try to figure it out...

Take actions...

Make it your job to figure it out...

Challenges are not meant to stop you, but they are meant to level you up...

To bring you growth...

And never to stop you!

Always remember that

And all the best to you for your journey...!

Thank you!

Tell me how did you feel reading it.

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