7 lessons from the best, yet unheard, man in the history!

Updated: Apr 5

Hey Reader!

I know you must be tired today

it was certainly fucked up day for me as well!

But as you know about my habit of reading books, right?

It just makes my day man... (most of the time)

So, I have been reading this book called "Think & Grow Rich" for a while and I came across some cool secrets of life

and I will be sharing those with you throughout the blog

The author here talks about his experience and the lessons he gained by interviewing hundreds of successful people of his time

And, in this process, he discovered the secret formula for the riches (and I am not bulshiting you on that).

But for now I won't be revealing the formula, rather I would enrich you with the lesson I have learned from the story of Edwin C. Barnes,

probably the best man to admire in the history of mankind but very unheard & unspoken one!

And, the man who thought his way into a partnership with Thomas A. Edison.

So, here are the things that made me write this blog article on him!

#1. Getting a burning desire

The author has mentioned the importance of getting a burning desire several times

in this book, it is the first step towards achieving success

And it is true as well.

As it is the burning desire that makes you do the work even when you are tired

it is that burning desire that doesn't let you stop even when you are done

It keeps you moving no matter what!

So, if you are the one who is lost and don't have any idea what the hell are you doing with your life

then the first advised step is to explore every damn thing that you like or, have a tiny interest in

Once you start exploring you will know enough things that you don't want to do...

Ultimately, you will have a clear vision of what you want to do!

get that one thing ... and play big on that!

#2. Start with a pain, Start with doubt, But just Start!

you know one fun fact,

it is that when you start any task it is already half-done!

For people with low self-confidence and, low self-esteem this is the most difficult part

because they want to do several things but they just fear to start?

Even me! I first thought of writing this blog-post five months back!

yes you read that right, five-damn-months back

but I kept on delaying as I wanted it to be the perfect one.

But you know what,

this was the thing that hold me back for 5 months.

you know, most people take this concept wrong that they need a motivation to begin something...No you don't!

because motivation comes after you begin something, not before!

In the book as well, when the idea of partnership with Edison first hit in Edwin's mind.

He was in no position to act on it but he did take the required action.

Two difficulties that came on his way were, first he didn't know Mr.Edison and second, the lake of money to pay for his railroad fare to Orange, New Jersey.

These difficulties were enough to discourage him but he chooses to travel "blind baggage", rather than staying defeated by his situation.

#3. Just go ahead!

Once you know your burning desire and, you have started.

All you need to do more is just go ahead...

I am talking to you about being consistent.

See, things won't happen in a minute, an hour or, a month....but several months later!

After that, there are two possibilities, either you have hit the target or, still, nothing has happened...then you need more to do!

After a few more months again, there are two possibilities, either you have hit the target now or, you still nothing has happened...then you need more to do!

After a few more years again, there are two possibilities, either you have hit the target now or, you still nothing has happened...then you need more to do!

Guess what is next...it goes on-n-on until you have put in the required work

#4. Have patience, buddy!

Don't think of the outcomes now

Barnes didn't get his partnership on the very first day...

Instead, he had to work at Edison's office for a nominal wage!

Months went by but nothing happened to bring his goal into reality.

But with his patience, he constantly intensified his burning desire.

So, every morning he wanted it more than the previous day!

#5. Compromise for your dreams, not, with them!

Read that again.

When Barnes was offered to do the normal wages works and, doing every minimal task at Edison's office, he didn't mind doing it.

Instead of showing his ego and thinking that 'this is not what I came for!'

He preferred doing it, compromising his ego rather than his dream.

#6. Opportunity comes in disguise, most of the time

It is the trick of opportunity that it doesn't come knocking the main door but slips in through the windows.

(hey man...This was an awesome line!)

perhaps this is the reason most people fail to recognize the opportunity.

"Mr.Edison just perfected the new office device, known at that time, Edison Dictating Machine(now Epiphone). His salesmen were not enthusiastic over the machine. They didn't believe that it could be sold without great effort. Barnes saw this opportunity."

- reference "Think & Grow Rich"

Barnes realized that he could sell it and got his chance.

He successfully sold it such that Edison gave him contract to distribute and market it all over the nation

from there the slogan grew "Made by Edison, Installed by Barnes",

#7. Fortune favors the brave

Throughout the story, Barnes has been brave all of the time.

He was brave enough to leave everything and traveled with bare-hands to meet his dream.

It is truly said that when a man wants something it's shows in his appearance.


#1. Getting a burning desire

#2. Start with a pain, Start with a doubt, But just Start !

#3. Just go ahead!

#4. Have patience, buddy!

#5. Compromise for your dreams, not, with them!

#6. Opportunity comes in disguise, most of the time

#7. Fortune favours the brave




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